Citampi Story Mod APK Unlimited Energy Latest v1.80.037r

V 1.80.037r
Imagine that deadline hanging over them like a spooky ghost. Here's the twist about Citampi Story Mod Apk.
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V 1.80.037r
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Dive into the exciting world of Citampi Stories, where a thrilling tale begins from the very start. Our main character’s parents are stuck in a big problem—they owe a lot of money, and they only have ten weeks to pay it back. Imagine that deadline hanging over them like a spooky ghost. Here’s the twist about Citampi Story Mod Apk

Moreover, there’s an offer to marry the lender’s daughter to get more time for repayment. Instead of taking the easy way out, our brave hero decides to leave their small town and head to the bustling city of Citampi. The mission? Find a good job, work hard, and send money back home to rescue their family from this tough situation. Get ready for an adventure where every choice our hero makes shapes their destiny. You may also check Fakecez Modz APK

The key points about Citampi Stories (Unlimited Money)

The main character’s parents are in debt and have 10 weeks to repay.
The main character can either marry the lender’s daughter to get more time or leave his hometown in Citampi City to find a job.
In Citampi City, the main character can find a variety of jobs to develop his career.
Players can interact with anything that appears on the screen, which helps them explore the city and participate in activities.
The game features a real-time system, so time passes quickly when doing any job.
Citampi Stories is a fun and interactive game that allows players to explore a vibrant city and develop their careers.

What is Citampi Story Mod Apk?

Furthermore, Above you learned about the game’s storyline and main points. We hope you got a good idea about the Raw game. But we have the mod APK of this game for you. Mod means a modified form of the game. It provides some extra features in the game for you. Citampi Story Mod Apk has the following features.

Features Of Citampi Story Mod Apk:

All the necessary and unnecessary equipment and features in the game are unlocked in the mod.
All those annoying ads are removed for you. Pay without ads and enjoy seamless gameplay.
Your character will move faster than normal. Using the mod will give your character a good pace and speed.
Just like a bonus chest in Minecraft, you will get a pre-purchased Jetpack and Motorcycle in the game only using the Mod.
Because you have the Mod it gives you free items in the inventory. These items are very useful and cost you nothing, not all players get them.
These items in the inventory can be sold and get money in return.
Those beautiful animal costumes are there for you. These costumes include the kitty costumes and much more. These items are free of cost.
These are all those royalties you will get from the modded version of this game. The modded version is free of cost and available on this website. So what are you waiting for to download right now?

Is Citampi Story Mod Apk a dating app?

No,Citampi Mod Apk is not a dating app.This is a role-playing game, Where you get to play the role of a character who works hard to help his parents in financial need.

How to play Citampi Story Mod Apk?

Moreover, To play this game first download it. Click the download button above to download it. After downloading, install the APK(application package) in your downloads. Allow installation from unknown sources to install the package. Now install and open the application. Furthermore, Your Android must have Android version 5 or above for this game to work. Also, keep your internet connection on for better gameplay. That’s all now allow some permissions and follow the in-game guide to play this amazing game.


Hey, gamer if you are looking for a good role-playing game with an anime theme we have got your back. Citampi Story Mod Apk is yet another great role-playing and anime-themed game. Moreover, In this game, you get lots of benefits like being the main character. Working hard to earn money and buy in-game stuff. Moreover, there are lots of other activities like flirting with beautiful girls and asking them out. There are lots of beautiful characters in the game and the storyline too is very interesting. You won’t get bored reading or playing this game. Lastly, the modded version we prove has its benefits. Like the never-ending coins and money that you can use to buy amazing stuff in the game. Also, no ads and faster character movement make the game a bit more fun.

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