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The Rainbow Story Global Mod Apk is a great open-world role-playing game. All the premium and paid features are offered for free.
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Hey gamers, are you into breathing anime games? If you are looking for one we have got one right here. It is called the Rainbow Story Global mod APK. Rainbow Story in itself is an amazing game that revolves around a very good story and has adorable characters. The game is based on ancient times and looks like ancient China. Moreover, the characters have special powers and holy spirits making the game mythical.

More About Story Global Mod Apk:

Furthermore, If you’re in search of a popular game to pass your time and keep you entertained, Rainbow Story Mod Apk is a great option. It’s one of the trending games on Android in the world and has garnered a lot of attention. The game comes with a range of features including premium ones that require payment to access. However, you can now enjoy all the premium features for free with the Rainbow Story Global Mod APK. This version of the game unlocks a whole new world of possibilities for you to explore without having to spend any money. Give it a try and see how much fun you can have. You May also check
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All the premium features of the Rainbow Story Global Mod APK are mentioned below.

What is Rainbow Story Global Mod Apk?

Rainbow Story Global Mod Apk is the modified application of the original Rainbow Story Global game. It is a free mod of the roleplaying game. One of the top roleplaying games in the Android world. Rainbow Story Global Mod Apk is a great game with eye-catching graphics, a brilliant storyline, and a huge number of in-game characters.

Rainbow Story Global Mod Apk is a captivating open-world game that allows players to immerse themselves in a rich dynamic world filled with infinite possibilities. With this game, you can team up with your friends or pets and go on exciting adventures while exploring the vast open world, the game is completely free to download and use, and you won’t have to deal with any annoying ads that could disrupt your gameplay experience. Additionally, the game has seamless gameplay and doesn’t lag, ensuring that you can enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience. Get ready to enter a world filled with magic, wonder, and adventure like never before with Rainbow StoryGlobal Mod Apk.

Rainbow Story Global:


(Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) this allows you to interact with players from around the world in real-time. Play as a character and complete quests. You can talk, interact, and explore with real players in the huge open world. Make new friends and conquer new titles.

Unlock Premium:

The Rainbow Story Global Mod APK allows you to get all the premium items and features for free that you always wished for. Unlock premium costumes and outfits without paying a penny. Get the new and old powerful characters for free. In addition, Customize your character as you want with premium and get unlimited pearls. Spend as much as you want without worrying about the money. Premium unlocks a whole new world of possibilities that you thought were possible. All that for free.

Thrilling Battles:

As a multiplayer game players play and experience a real-time experience of battle. Thrilling battles with real players allow you to show your battel skills and tactics. Moreover, special powers and usage of your character skills make the battle thrilling. In addition, Huge battles fought in the vast lush green fields make them a breathtaking experience.

Anime Theme:

The anime theme of this game makes it a lot more attractive. Bright colors and balanced graphics make the game more fun. Beautiful characters and adorable pets in the game make your experience joyous.


The Rainbow Story Global Mod APK is completely free to download, install, and use. Not a single penny is to be spent on the game. Its original version is available on the Google Play Store but you can download the Mod from this site. Also, it’s free of any ads and does not contain any malware. Users rate it 4.8 out of 5 and therefore is safe to use. Lastly, there aren’t any hidden purchases, and it is completely free to download, free of any malware, and free to use.

Additional Features:

Moreover, Additional features are increased character speed, free costumes, and SSR Pets. There are lots of other undiscussed features which you will explore on your own.

How to download the latest version of Story Global?

  • click on the download button and wait for a while until the downloading starts.
  • When the APK file is downloaded locate the file on your device and install it.
  • Before installing allow unknown sources it will give access to third-party apps.
  • Now tap on Rainbow Story Global in the app and open it.
  • Now Your app is ready to run enjoy the features of this moded version.

Final Words:

The Rainbow Story Global Mod Apk is a great open-world role-playing game. All the premium and paid features are offered for free. Also, it’s completely free to download and use. Moreover, new updates will be available on the website. Therefore visit again to grab the latest updates. That’s all for today gamers see you soon and check out the homepage to get more good APKS.

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